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London’s Air Ambulance is the charity that delivers an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic to critically injured people in London. We provide advanced medical interventions at the scene of the incident, within minutes of injury.

We are there for the 10 million people who live, work and travel in London. People like 12-year-old Caitlin who was hit by a bus outside school. Her mother tells the story “There was a bang and Caitlin fell to the ground. I was so shaken. A paramedic from the London Ambulance Service told me that Caitlin had a head injury. When I heard the helicopter I thought – it must be really serious. The helicopter landed in the playground and the doctor decided to fly her to the hospital. I never dreamt we would need London’s Air Ambulance. You never think it will happen to you but when it does, you realise how important the charity is, it’s invaluable.”

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Tickets for the raffle are just £1 each. You can select any number during checkout. The raffle closes at 23:59 on Friday 19th August.

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£10 could buy a neck collar, which we use when movement needs to be restricted, helping to reduce the risk of further injury to our patient.

£20 could help to keep our helicopters in the air and our rapid response cars on the road, ready for when our patients need us

£30 could buy a blizzard blanket to keep a patient warm and reduce shock after suffering a trauma, helping provide the best possible care for our patients.

Want to abseil down the Royal London Hospital Helipad? ONLY 16 places left on 18th Sept.